So the final stop is now done and dusted. We managed somehow to get a cloudy and overcast first day in Rio, but Christ the redeemer (no capital letter, Google!?) was still busy, as he poked above the clouds! Crazy fist-like roots through some railings! The big J and some pretty cool sun flare! Somewhat […]


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Ihle Grande!

Another damp visit at the end of our tour, but an absolutely beautiful island which deserves much more time. … Except for the mosquitoes. Who need to disappear. Where is the BIG G??? Need some more boats… Oh no, found them! Stunning landscape, which just needs some better weather to explore!

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Quite a damp stay in Paraty, but it’s still a lively town, said to be “a town built by the blood, sweat and tears of African slaves, for coffee and gold”. Spring tides cause the streets to flood, which gives the old town a but of mystery! Waterfalls Judy in land from Paraty (on the […]

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In out, in out, shak….. So then sir, what were your whereabouts over the last few days… Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Argentina Brazil. Ok!? All in 3 days – anything suspicious in that officer!? Iguacu, or Iguassu, or even Iguazu, is amazing! (Sorry that these are mostly selfies, you’ll have to catch up with us for […]

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Am extremely quiet Sunday… Literally EVERYTHING was shut! We decided to take a really long walk around the peninsula that the old town is built on, seeing lots of fishermen and people enjoying a calm weekend of sunshine! Always a “silver” lining… What a machine!? And we thought some products in the UK make us […]

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